Director of U.A. Ferguson Student Center makes bond

{}{}{}{} Director of the Ferguson Student Center on the University of Alabama campus has bonded out of jail in Fayette County.

{}{}{}{} 52 year old, Carl Bacon spent the weekend behind bars after allegedly assault the son of one of his employees.

{}{}{}{} The{}alleged victim, 18 year old Jordan Miller told{}authorities that he had known Bacon for several years and saw him as mentor.

{}{}{}{}{} Miller said Bacon picked him{}up from his{}home on{}early Friday morning around 1:30 am and told him they needed to{}ride and talk.{}{}According to court documents,{}Bacon told Miller he was{}ruining{}his marriage, his life and job and allegedly told {}Miller he was "going to deal with the victim once and for all"....and "when he got done with him he was going to get his girlfriend."

{}{}{}{} Miller told authorities they stopped on Hwy 13.{} When they got out -- Bacon reportedly attacked Miller, choking him and biting one of his nipples.{} Miller says he was able to get away by biting Bacon's ear then running into the woods to call 911.

{}{}{} Fayette Sheriff Rodney Ingle tells ABC 33/40 they are still verifying the story.{} And at some point during the day on Friday, Miller filed an assault warrant against Bacon.{}{} University picked up the Ferguson director for questioning until Fayette deputies arrived to officially charge and arrest him.

{}{}{} Around 3pm, Bacon went before Fayette Judge Jerry Clary who set Bacon's bond at $50,000.{} He bonded out around 5:45 pm.

{}{}{} University officials say Bacon says been place on administrative leave while the school conducts its own internal investigation and say "While current information is preliminary, limited and subject to change, the University will conduct a thorough internal review of the situation to determine whether this is an isolated instance involving a misunderstanding between family friends or if there is reason to believe there is a pattern of inappropriate behavior by this employee. UA is not aware of any previous incidents, nor is there reason to believe, at this point in the process, that this employee has ever been engaged in inappropriate behavior."

{}{}{} Bacon has been employed by the University 22 years and director of Ferguson Center since 1990, 11 years.