Disabled veteran & family given a home

The American dream typically includes owning your own home.{} That is now a reality for a military family, living in Pell City.{} Matt Bein, his wife Heather, and their three children now have a house to call their home.{} Bein was awarded the mortgage-free home from the Military Warrior Support Foundation and Wells Fargo.{} Thursday, the family was given the keys to their new house.Wells Fargo area president for Central Alabama, George Trible, says they believe in giving back to veterans.{} "Home ownership is the foundation for great communities.{} We believe that when communities do well, we do well" said Trible. {}Seeing the features of the house was a surprise for the entire family.{} The children raced through the house, checking out the bedrooms and playing on the playhouse equipment in the new backyard.{} Heather and Matt gasped and smiled as they checked out the four bedrooms, kitchen full of new appliances, and even the media room on the basement level, which can be personalized by the family.Matt exclaimed that he had been given the American dream.{} He now has the house where his children will grow up and he and his wife will grow old, according to the retired Marine.{} Bein was worried about providing for his family after returning from deployments.{} In 2009, he was struck by an i.e.d. while on a foot patrol.{} He is currently disabled and unable to work.{} Now that there isn't a mortgage to worry about, Bein says "I can possibly sleep freely at night without having the burden of the finances that go along with a house."{} The Purple Heart award winner had previously done tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa.The family has their boxes packed in the old home.{} They say they plan to get moved within a week's time.{} Wells Fargo also donated money to help with moving expenses.

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