Birmingham Water Works: Discolored water caused by elevated mineral

The wrath of Monday's downpour continues four days later. {}More than five inches of rain made its way into the Birmingham Water Works Shades Mountain Facility, increasing a mineral called manganese in the water. {} The elevated levels of the mineral is turning the water in many homes brown and green.{}

"It presented a few challenges for us{<}' said Rick Jackson, a spokesperson with the Birmingham Water Works Board.{}"It [manganese] is found naturally in nature. {}Its always there but because we had about five to six inches of rain just drop into our watershed it caused the manganese level to increase and that's where you're seeing a discoloration of water," said Jackson.{}Angie Taylor, a Hoover mother of two, said she first realized the water in her home was changing colors Thursday.{}"I was worried that it was our house because we have an older home, but I didn't know who to call or what to do," said Taylor. "It looks like rust or dirt."{}Jackson maintains the water is both safe to eat or drink. {}The water board has no plans of issuing a boil water notice but there is no timetable for when the murky water will clear. As for Taylor and her family, they aren't taking any chances.{}" Its not good to have dirty water like that coming out of your house," said Taylor.{}