Discovery of dead dogs may lead to criminal charges

Walker County Animal Shelter (

Winston County Investigators are still asking questions surrounding discovery of{} dead dogs and puppies in Double Springs.

Jeremy Curtis found the animals on property adjacent to his off Highway 195.{} And that's where there's a twist in the story.

Curtis believes the dogs were among those that were being kept on his property by his niece.{} He says he allowed her to move in and all of sudden she started bringing home animals.{} "At one point there were about 30 dogs here, and that's not including the three cats and rabbit running around in the house."

Authorities have linked the animals back to the Walker County Animal Shelter where Curtis' niece was volunteering.{} County Commissioner, Danny Luster tells ABC 33/40 that the woman in question had been a long time volunteer at the shelter and was allowed to take animals home to foster out.{} "To foster them out to other homes{}and obvious it became overwhelming he said."

Curtis believes his niece had good intentions but believes it just got out of hand.{} He showed us pile after pile of animal feces in the yard , as well in his house where the animals ran free.

Investigators found several dead animals on the nearby property.{} Another 23 live animals were rescued and taken back to the Walker Animal Shelter.{}{}Seven of those had to be put down because of disease.

Animal rights groups from out of state{}have stepped into the matter and Winston Sheriff Investigators{} say they're still trying to determine exactly who discarded the animals and how they died.

Curtis believes they all{}died from disease.

Since the story developed, shelter managers say they have changed requirements for volunteers wanting to {}take animals from the shelter.

However, the case has not been closed.{} Sources very close to the investigation tell ABC 33/40 charges will likely be filed in relation to the animals -- either a felony or most likely a misdemeanor.{}{} Its unclear though what the nature of those charges will be and who they will be levied against.

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