Disney World ticket price increase

The magic at the Magic Kingdom could cost you a little more.{} Just in time for spring break, Walt Disney World is getting more expensive.{} Single-day tickets to Disney's Magic Kingdom have gone up $4.00.{} Now, it will cost anyone over the age of nine, $99.{} Tickets for children ages three-to-nine are $93 a day.{} The Magic Kingdom is the most expensive theme park at Walt Disney World Resort.Single-day tickets for the resort's other parks - Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom - also went up by $4.{} It will now cost you $88 to enter the other parks.{} Multi-day passes can cut down the daily cost.Walt Disney spokeswoman Kim Prunty says the pricing reflects the high quality of the parks. She also says most guests buy multi-day tickets, which are considerably cheaper per day.{}The Florida parks are home to the company's new high-tech wristband-based ticketing and ride reservation system, called MyMagic+.{} Disney spokesman Bryan Malenius says the ambitious project had cost at least $1.5 billion.