Divers find new evidence in Cullman County missing woman case

There's new evidence in the disappearance of a woman from Cullman County. 28 year old Tabitha Franklin has been missing for two years. Now, some new discoveries, could lead to answers on what happened.

Tabitha Franklin went missing in 2009 after her boyfriend gave her a ride one night. Tabitha's family says they never stopped searching for her - in fact, it's their efforts this weekend, that's uncovering new evidence in her disappearance.

"We just go look around and see if anything looks familiar to us," Stacey White, Tabitha's sister in law said.

Their search for Tabitha Franklin never really stopped. Two years later after their sister, mom, and friend disappeared, family members still spend their weekends on Smith Lake, hunting for every article of clothing, every scrap of cloth.

"People who live around here said clothing started showing up about the time Tabitha disappeared," Angie Cantrell, Walker Co. Search and Rescue said.

"What we're doing now is searching the area just under the water, to see if we can find evidence," Chris Cantrell, Walker Co. Search and Rescue said.

While the attention on the case has faded with time, one thing that seems to be constant, is the steady stream of clothing that keeps popping up. Clothing, you wouldn't expect to see on such a popular vacation spot.

"You might find a bikini where someone was partying a little too hard but this more of a wardrobe," Angie Cantrell said. "This is somebody's dresser drawer full of clothes. All the right size, all the same size."

"We've got to get it done," Bobby White, Tabitha's brother said. "Everyday it's a step by step process. That's all we can take it by."

The Walker County Search and Rescue team says everything they found today, points closer to a resolution.

She was a great person," Charles White, Tabitha's brother said.{}"Everybody thought so. She's got three beautiful kids who miss her a lot."

"Dive a little deeper, that's all you can do," Bobby White said.{}"Search a little more."