Deacons, Birmingham principal at odds over local church

Some members of a local church say a Birmingham principal is causing division in their congregation. They say they voted him out as pastor months ago but he continues to show up on church grounds.

Frederick Japal, the chairman of the deacon board of New Grace Missionary Baptist Church, says Tatum served as pastor for several years. Japal contends Tatum was voted out in February for not carrying out specific duties of the pastor, including being excessively late to and failing to oversee Sunday school and bible study as well as failing to follow through on proposed ideas.

The church's financial secretary showed ABC 33/40 documents, she says, shows that four out of five deacons voted to dismiss Tatum as pastor. Japal insists, since the dismissal, there have been disagreements among Tatum and members, resulting in the police being called out to the church. He says Tatum wants to be re-instated as pastor.

ABC 33/40 made several attempts to contact Cedric Tatum for comment. His brother, who is acting as his attorney, did return the call but did not make any comments on the record.

As for Tatum, while he is Parker High School's principal, he has been re-assigned to Hayes K -8 school. Tatum told ABC 33/40, at an earlier time, he applied for that position.