Do you love pizza?

It may be Italian, but pizza is one of America's favorite dishes.{} Sure, most of us love a good, hot slice, but just how much to you relish ever bite?{} Do you have dreams about the next pizza you will devour? Did your mouth start watering while reading the last two sentences?{} Slice Pizza & Brew wants to know just how much you enjoy pizza.{} The restaurant is holding a contest starting Friday, March 15 to find its biggest fan.Simply tell Slice Pizza & Brew what lengths you will go to proving how much you love pizza and you just might be the next "Mr." or "Ms. SliceFest 2013." Participants must prove their passion for pizza and submit it to by April 1 to be considered to move on to the final round of the search for pizza's biggest fan."We want to hear why our fans are passionate about pizza," says Jeff Bajalieh, co-owner of Slice. "You might think that question is simple, but when I really think about why I love pizza - it's more than dough and cheese - it's a blank canvas for anything imaginable. I love how different each and every slice is, and how there are still more variations to be created!"Tell your story in the form of a poem, short story, video, song, rap, or any creative way you can think of telling it.{} The team will review entries that are submitted by April 1, when finalists will be chosen to move on to public vote and have the chance to receive a $50 gift card for Slice. Finalists' submissions will be posted onto the Slice Facebook page.{} Voting will take place for one week. The entry that has the most likes, comments and shares combined, will be this year's winner. Not only will the winner become "Mr." or "Ms. SliceFest 2013," but he/she will receive two VIP passes to SliceFest 2013, which will be held on Saturday, June 1, as well as a pizza creation that will be named after them during the months of May and June.


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