Documents talk about installation of monitors at airport

Documents released by the Birmingham Airport Authority, Thursday, might shed light on how a display unit fell on a family last month.

Certain information talks about how monitors are supposed to be installed in units. Furthermore, the following regulations are stated under "Mounting Location":

"The ceiling and wall must be strong enough to support the monitor and mounting accessories."

"Do not install in areas where the unit will be subjected to strong vibrations and dust."

"Do not install in where people can easily grab and hang onto the unit, or the mounting apparatus."

Another document, which was originated March 6, stated "FIDS station not operational and not plumb," meaning, at the time, the display unit was not standing vertical.

The BAA has already determined that the display unit that fell on the Bresette family in March was not anchored to the wall. That's because, according to the documents, it did not meet the height requirement to do so.

When asked about the mounting location documents, Toni Herrera-Bast with the BAA released the following:

"The assessment of{} blame is not a goal of the Birmingham Airport Authority. Based on information we have to date, no one affiliated with the Birmingham Airport Authority was aware of safety concerns before the March 22nd accident."

Brasfield and Gorrie, the contractor during airport renovations, who was also questioned about the documents, Friday, sent the following statement to ABC 33/40:

"These are installation guidelines for all of the monitors, which are referred to as the 'MUFIDS' throughout the construction documents. There are approximately forty four (44) such monitors in the new terminal. This specific guideline pertains only to securing the monitor properly wherever it is installed, whether on a wall, on a table or in a cabinet."

The Birmingham Airport Authority has scheduled a meeting for Monday, April 29, at 3:00 p.m.