Does your city stress you out?

{}Living in a big city can be stressful for some people.{} However, some cities take more of a toll on people than others, when it comes to causing daily stress like long commutes and cost of living.{} A new list of the most stressful cities has Birmingham sitting at number 15.{} One of the reason for the Magic City's high ranking was "unhealthy lifestyles."{} That is probably connected to the good southern cooking and sedentary lifestyles noted in the region.CNN Money put together a list of the top 55 most stressed out cities across the country.{} It may be no surprise that New York City was ranked number one.{} CNN Money reports the stress factors for living in NYC are the hectic commutes, long work hours and high cost of living. {}The other non-zen cities at the top of the list are Los Angeles, California; where heavy traffic and high cost of living can weigh you down.{} However, people have more healthy lifestyles there and shorter work hours.{} Another California city ranked fourth:{} Riverside/San Bernardino, California.{}{} Houston, Texas was fifth in line. So which metro areas are more manageable than others?{} Money experts suggest Salt Lake City.{}{} CNN Money shows the mountainous area has little for residents to stress about because unemployment is low and homes are relatively cheap.{} The city ranked number 55 on the list.{} Rochester, New York and Raleigh, North Carolina followed respectively.