Domestic Violence call turns into attempted murder of Jefferson County Deputies

Jason Allen Hill

A Forestdale man is being charged with three counts of attempted murder after he pointed a pistol at Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies.

What started as a domestic violence call turned into attempted murder for Jason Hill, of Forestdale, Thursday night.

Hill's wife called the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and stated that she had run over her husband while trying to get away after he attacked her.{} Hill's wife told deputies that her husband had picked their two year old child up by his throat and threatened to slap him in to next week. When she pleaded with him to not hurt the child he attacked her.

When deputies arrived at the residence, Hill was not there, but returned a short time later.{} After returning, Hill got out of his car with his hand in his pocket. When told to show his hands he produced a pistol pointed at deputies. He was disarmed and taken into custody after a struggle. He was then taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries received when he was struck by the car. He was released from the hospital and taken to the Jefferson County Jail.

Hill has been charged with three counts of Attempted Murder, Possession of Marijuana, Domestic Violence 2nd Degree, Domestic Violence 3rd Degree, Chemical Endangerment of a Minor Child, Carrying a Pistol Without License, Resisting Arrest, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree.