Domestic violence turned deadly

Jefferson County Police officers and localdomestic violence agencies around Jefferson County are speaking out againstdomestic violence.

This is following twoseparate incidents over the weekend where two women were killed by theirlovers.

Tyna Spivey was shot inthe head by her boyfriend Cedric Lowe in Northeast Jefferson County.

Hattie Stokes was foundstabbed to death inside her home in McCalla by her husband Isaac Stokes.{}

Amanda Carmichael withYWCA says domestic violence is a willful controlling behavior that people canavoid. "We have a 24/7 hotline that any victim can call. Just if they needsomeone to talk to or find resources or to see if they need a confidentialshelter."

Formal charges for Loweand Isaac are expected within 24 hours. If you are a victim of domesticviolence, you're encouraged to call (205) 322-4878.

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