Donald Thomas remembered as devoted husband, devout Christian

83-year-old Donald Thomas is being remembered as a devoted husband and a devout Christian.

"Don had solid insurance in his faith in Jesus," Cedar Grove Baptist Church Pastor, Billy Abrams, said. "Sally [Thomas] does the same and she knows where her husband is."

Abrams has known the Thomas family for 20 years.

He remembers their last conversation at a church luncheon.

"We were talking about how we're not sure what today holds," he said. "Actually, we don't even know what tomorrow holds, or even this afternoon."

Hours later...Thomas was dead.

According to the Thomas family the Thomas' arrived home from that luncheon, then shortly after, Mrs. Thomas went to the grocery store.

Abrams says when Mrs. Thomas returned, she stopped her car by the mailboxes because she noticed her husband's walker in the middle of the street. Thinking maybe he fell and crawled back to his home she checked there first. When she didn't find him, she went back to the mailboxes. That's when she noticed her husband in the neighbors yard struggling for his life.

Two Rottweilers from the neighbors house had gotten loose.

Abrams says Mrs. Thomas tried fighting them off with her husband's walker. When police arrived on scene, the two dogs were killed.

Abrams says the family forgives and is not angry with their neighbor.

"They really admire him as a human and as a neighbor," he said. "He's a minister and also is involved in our public school in St. Clair County as a volunteer."

The focus now, Abrams says, turns to remembering a great man.

"He left what he lived," Abrams said. "And that was his legacy."

35 Rottweiler mixes were taken from the neighbors house to the Birmingham Jefferson County Animal Control Shelter.

Leeds Police say it will be at least next week before any charges, if any, are filed.

Donald and Sally Thomas would have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in November.