Donations supporting tax referendum campaign for Trussville City Schools

A tax referendum campaign has raised more than 5-thousand dollars in donations to send out pamphlets showing residents what the ballot will look like and how much a 7 mill property tax would cost each homeowner.

Dr. Pattie Neill says, "The School System is not using any public funds to run this campaign, but we're trying every way in the world to get the word out"

On the importance of building two new elementary schools in Trussville and why people should support a 7 mill property tax increase.

Superintendent Neill says the proposed renovation of the historic old high school in the Cahaba project area and the new school in Magnolia Place.. could have helped stranded students last week.

"Had we had those 2 schools in place, then more students could have walked home."

Dr. Neill says the campaign is trying to raise 8-thousand dollars to pay for materials to educate the public about the tax referendum February 25th, giving them every detail.

"It would pay for the school debt for 25 years and pay for all the furniture, technology, there are no surprises. We wouldn't have to come back and say we need anything extra."

Not only would additional schools help with overcrowding, it would help improve security.

More than 300 students are in 14 portables here at Paine Primary and Paine Intermediate. Dr.Neill says if there's ever a lockdown, students in these portables will be locked out. She also says it would be difficult to move the students in severe weather."

"We had a major storm, tornado hit just a couple of years ago here and did some real damage and these kids are essentially in trailers."

Donnette Plant, a parent, on the campaign committee, says the new schools would each have a storm shelter and so far, response has been positive.

Dr. Neill says she's hoping to mail out the tax referendum information around February 14th.

Superintendent Neill will give a presentation to the city council Tuesday night at 6:30. There will also be a public hearing February 18th at 5:30 at the Trussville Civic Center.

Plant wants to remind people that if you're a homeowner exempt from property taxes the vote will not effect you financially.

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