Don't be afraid to launch your rocket!

The other night, we awoke to the sound of the fire alarm at about 2 in the morning.{}{} It was dark and disconcerting, but there was no fire to our relief.{} We tried to settle back down for the rest of those precious sleeping hours.{}{}{} We figured it must be another misfire...{} A year ago,{} the alarm went off and our house was searched by firemen in the middle of the night.{} Again no fire.{}{}{} After checking we figured a heat build up in the garage must have set the alarm off.{} But again, thankfully no fire.{}

{}{} The other{}evening{} we as a family were so excited to be able to have a dinner at home.{}{}{} It was a rare night with no baseball game or practice, no track or any other sport.{} I had thought ahead and had the{}slow cookers{} lined up on the counter.{} One had a roast{} in it.{} Another had green beans.{} An another pot had buttered noodles.{} My hubby and I were chatting while we set the table.{} The boys were playing in the yard.{} I thought to myself, wow a relaxing dinner!{}{} I must be dreaming right?{} Just about that time, our fire alarm went off.{} It's such a shrill sound it shattered my thoughts of a peaceful night with the fam.{} " Whaaaa, whaaa, whaaaa"{} the alarm screamed!

{} There goes dinner I thought... who could eat with that racket going on?{} I looked at Doug and said wow it must be misfiring again!{} Then I said wait a minute!{}{} Something{}called me to go through the garage and into the front yard.{} There, one of my precious boys was standing, wide eyed and stunned.{} Just at the time he had shot off the rocket he'd gotten for Easter,{} a gust of wind blew the smoke into the garage and wafted under the smoke alarm just long enough set it off.

{}{} I told him to please never shoot a rocket off without Doug or I present, and please make sure it's far from our house or any house.{} He was truly repentant.. It really{}wasn't me that scolded him... instead{}the loud shock of the fire alarm was more of a lesson than old mom setting him straight.

{}{} But while he and all of us have to follow the rules in life and rocket launching, we still have to find the courage to launch.{} I admired his explorer spirit.{} I had a thought that our space program began with someone with the ability to look up and wonder how can we do this?{} Then have the courage to actually launch.

{}{}{} Recently I was invited to the "Our Lady of Sorrows" Author's day.{}{} All the children wrote books and displayed them, author stood up and told about their books and how they got their inspiration.{} I was so moved by one of the speakers,{} Father Mitch Pacwa.{} He is a host on EWTN and is also an author.{} He told the children the story of how Mother Angelica started her world wide network and of the miracles that lead up to her sending out the TV signal.

{}{}{}{} He tells the story of how she was so mad, when she heard someone was going to go on TV and say something bad about Jesus.{} For three days she fumed.{} Then on the third day she said she would start a TV network and say good things about Jesus.{} At the time she had 200 dollars in her checking account.{} But she ordered the equipment and prayed.{} The day the satellites were being delivered, she needed a third of the down payment for the driver to unload them.{} So she invited him in for tea and cookies and went to the chapel to pray.{} While there, she was informed she had a phone call.{} It was from a man on a yacht in the middle of the ocean and he said he had 60- thousand dollars he wanted to donate to her.{} That's the exact amount she needed for those satellites to be unloaded from the truck.{} He wired her the money immediately and the network was launched!

{}{} What courage to do something you feel you're called to do.{} Doing something good sometimes requires courage... here's encouragement , you will find you dream to launch!