ABC 33/40's Don't Text and Drive campaign makes stop at Ramsay HIgh School

More and more teen drivers are taking a stand against texting and driving after learning of the deadly consequences, which can make a loved one vanish from their lives in an instant.

"It's idiotic!" Tanner Pierce, a 16-year-old junior at Ramsay High School{} had to say about texting and driving.

While Pierce hasn't officially shifted gears on his own, he has certainly felt threatened by other drivers.

"I've seen several people do different forms of distracted driving," said Pierce, "And honestly it is kind of scary and very frustrating to deal with in traffic. Several times I or my Mom has had to go around the person because they just stopped in the middle of the road to send a text."

Ramsay High Principal, Dr. Evelyn Nettles said it has taken a little more time to convince other students of the very real dangers associated with distracted driving.

"I don't want to spend any part of a school year attending the funeral of a student involved in an accident related to something as senseless as texting. I think that there are too many important things for them and they have their whole lives in front of them and that can be very devastating to both them and our school and their families."

"I did text and drive," said Senior Jordan Kurtz, "and I have taken many pledges. I have actually stopped due to videos and seminars like this, and I think that the more we reach out the better the statistics will be."

Kurtz said she knew it was bad, but actually seeing the aftermath made her think twice.

"We just really take things for granted," said Kurtz. "We've made it so far in high school and it would be a real tragedy to let our lives be cut short. Whether it be from texting and driving or losing our freedom."

Kurtz hopes that her peers hold on to their freedom and the gift of life before it's too late.

"The best thing is for people who don't believe to see the videos and hear the testimonies. It's a lot easier for you to see it that way," said Kurtz.