Doug Jones talks to media about McNair's release from prison

Former Jefferson County Commissioner, Chris McNair, is back home, Friday, after being released from prison, Thursday.

McNair's attorney, Doug Jones, told the media, Friday, that 87-year-old McNair is home and is very happy to be out of prison.

"All I know is, when [McNair] walked out yesterday of the prison of Rochester, he had a big grin on his face from ear to ear," Jones said. "He was simply happy to get home."

McNair served roughly 27 months of a 60-month sentence for bribery in his role in the county's sewer scandal.

Jones kept referring to McNair's condition as a "chronic illness," but would not go into details. He would only say that McNair, who is getting older, has deteriorating health and that he needs day-to-day care from his family for things like walking around the house, getting dressed and taking his medication.

Jones says all things considered, releasing McNair from prison makes sense.

"At this point, at his age and all that I call 'the tipping point' just made more sense for him to be out rather than incarcerated at a medical facility," Jones said. "He's been at a medical facility for the last two years."

Jones says McNair is looking forward to spending his new found freedom at home.

"His primary focus right now has simply been on being with his wife of over 64-65 years and his two daughters," Jones said. "And just enjoying his family."

McNair's daughter, Denise, was one of the four girls who died during the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in 1963.

Jones says he is certain, if only for a limited time, that McNair will take part in some of the events that will be going on in Birmingham in the coming weeks for "Empowerment Week," which is a celebration of the Civil Rights Movement.