Dozens give back to schools on day of service

Volunteers were busy giving back at local schools on this day of service.

At Hemphill Elementary School, principal Tavis Hardin-Sloan says the hard work of volunteers helped not only beautify the areas around school. But, also taught her students a valuable lesson.

"Giving back to the community is something that we all should do," says Sloan. "It has helped us very greatly, it has shown our students that giving back is very important."Volunteers with Safe Routes to School of Central Alabama spent the morning cleaning areas where students walk.Across town, at Phillips academy, more volunteers spent the day cleaning up debris in a parking lot near the school, stacking bricks that had been left behind from a previous construction project."We just want everyone to do their part, be involved in the community," says Nic Sims, with Safe Routes to School of Central Alabama.

Sims helped spearhead these volunteer opportunities. He says the work serves as a reminder of those who laid the brickwork of the Civil Rights movement."This is a major event. I think everyone in the city and surround should pause and reflect on what happened fifty years ago," says Sims.For volunteers like Roy Williams. This day is ultimately about taking responsibility.

"It feels great to give back to the community as a whole, and take some responsibility as a citizen to help clean up the neighborhood. It's a great thing to do," says Williams.