Dozens protest at Adamsville City Hall after recent arrest of pastor

Many people in Adamsville are tired of what they're calling "an abuse of power" within their police department. Today dozens protested at city hall. It comes just days after the arrest of 75-year-old Charles Click, well-respected, retired pastor. Protestors believe the officer used excessive force on Click.{} Click was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing governmental operations, and having a pistol without a permit. The incident happened Monday. We're told a police officer's car was blocking a gas pump when he pulled someone over for traffic stop.{}Click asked the officer to move his cruiser, an altercation took place, which resulted in click being arrested. Click claims he was yanked and manhandled. People at the protest say that was{}just the tipping point, and that Adamsville police have a history of using excessive force. "The attitude that when you ask an officer a question that they just blow up. Not all of them, but some of them just blow up and fly off the handle and threaten to put you in jail," said Jerry Hooper, an Adamsville resident.{}Click did not attend the protest, but his granddaughter did. Kirsten Click tells us her grandfather is considered somewhat of a patriarch in the community; certainly not a threat.{} "It stuns me what happened to my grandfather because as you can see many people know his reputation around here and know what kind of man he is. He's a godly man. And never would one person in this community fathom that this would happen," she said.{} ABC 33/40 did reach out to Adamsville police today and was told Chief Robert Carter was not available.