Dozens rally in Birmingham to protest Zimmerman verdict

There are more rallies and demonstrations across the country and in our community over the verdict in the murder trial of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was acquitted Saturday.

And here in Birmingham, a rally at noon in Kelly Ingram Park was sponsored by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People brought out more than one-hundred protestors.

There was a lot of chanting, talks about injustice,{} and people with personal stories with plenty to say but they says it's about more than making noise.

This was the scene for several hours at Kelly Ingram Park. Some one hundred people came because they are upset about the acquittal of George Zimmerman.

Marlon wright came out of concern for his two-year-old son. "With things like that being allowed to happen I feel like he's in dangers just like Trayvon was, or me or any other black man," said Wright.

Drew Statham came because he thinks the acquittal was an injustice. "If it was a white child in the gated community and a black man would've shot him, he would've been in jail," said Statham.

Hezekiah Jackson is president of the NAACP's Birmingham branch. He says he doesn't want people to just rally. He wants people to demand a repeal of the 'stand your ground' laws in Alabama. "We are working to make sure the stand your ground laws, we call them the unfair fight laws, are repealed," said Jackson.

State representative Marika Coleman-Evans urged the crowd to stand behind her bill in the upcoming legislative session. It's a bill that would nullify stand-your-ground as a defense under certain circumstances. "If my bill becomes law, if you decide that you want to profile somebody and you go behind them, and if a confrontation occurs because of you being the aggressor, he would not have the self defense that he was exonerated under," said Coleman-Evans.

The NAACP will hold vigils in 100 cities Saturday in front of federal buildings. The organization wants federal civil rights charges brought against George Zimmerman.