Dr. Richard Arrington celebrates Black History Month at Trinity Baptist Church

The Trinity Baptist Church on Graymont Avenue celebrated Black History Month with speaker Dr. Richard Arrington. Church members came together to look back at the brightest and darkest moments of the past.

Arrington spoke to the congregation about how far African Americans have come. "Freed slaves and white abolitionists had to long battle and endure great opposition, taxes, and other hardships. We had to push our government to get rid of this nation of slavery," says Arrington. He{}spoke about the Emancipation{}Proclamation and the March on Washington.{}He also talked to the congregation about how Moses led children out of slavery.

In 1971 and 1975, Arrington was elected to serve four-year terms on the Birmingham City Council. In 1979 he was elected Mayor of Birmingham (the first black) and re-elected to 4 additional terms, giving him a total of 5 terms or 20 years as the Chief Executive of Alabama's largest city. He retired from that office in July 1999.