Dr sees Heaven

Dr. Eben Alexander is a brain scientist and a neurologist who says he saw Heaven.

He had meningitis and went into a coma. That's when he says he was surrounded by a bright light which was comforting and welcoming.

Then He says he entered a bright white area that he says was Heaven.

He says he got a message from God which was that we are loved, cherished, there's nothing you have to fear, there's nothing you can do wrong.

Doctors wrote him off for dead. But he recovered and now feels he needs to spread the word.

He also saw a woman who led him around Heaven... And later found out that woman was his deceased biological sister. Eben had been adopted and never knew her on this earth. But after his experience, he saw her picture.... And knew that was the woman who led him around Heaven.

We want to know what you think? We want to know if you've had an experience.... So we put it out on twitter and facebook and received about a hundred reactions.

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