Problems getting TRO against HABD, executive director

Some people fear hiring and firing at a special called housing authority board meeting Thursday. Attempts to prevent the ousted executive director and newly appointed board member from acting haven't been successful.

This week, an attorney for Marshell Jackson tired to get{}a temporary restraining order against the board and director Naomi Truman. It would prevent Truman from firing Jackson and{}a newly appointed board member{}from re-hiring Truman. But five judges excused themselves from the case. The reason stated was that they knew too many people involved in the issue.

Last week,{}Jackson was named interim director after the board fired Truman. Jackson is also a HABD attorney.

A{}TRO gave Truman her job back until a trial.

A few days later, Mayor William Bell replaced Board President Charles Townsend who cast the third vote needed to fire Truman. Bell appointed Cardell Davis to Townsend's seat, which was up last August. Bell's office was contacted Tuesday and Wednesday about the decision to appoint Davis and the timing. No one would comment.

The HABD is run by the City of Birmingham. The mayor appoints all the board members. A spokesperson for HUD says the agency has no role in the management of the Birmingham housing authority.

The special called meeting will take place Thursday at 10 a.m.. No agenda was provided.