Dried Fruit vs Fresh Fruit

Trying to get more fresh fruits into your diet?{} Nutrition experts advise dried fruits are a good alternative.{}

Registered Dietitian, Andrea Rumschlag at Cleveland Clinic says, "One of the advantages of dried fruit is the accessibility. So, in the summer months we have access to lots of fresh fruit, abundant produce, but not so much in the winter months. So, maybe you're used to eating grapes when they're in season, but a good alternative would be raisins with no sugar added."

She says the nutrient content of fresh fruit versus dried fruit is the same.{} The big difference is in the amount of calories you'll consume because dried fruit is concentrated, so pay attention to your serving size.{}

You also have to be careful about the sugar content.{} She says some manufacturers will add sugar to dried fruit; so, look for "no sugar added" on the package.{} Another benefit to dried fruit is it won't spoil.