Elderly Hoover man charged in fatal crash on I-459 gives his account of the incident

It's been less than 24 hours after an 84-year-old Hoover man was released on bond after he was charged in connection with the death of a construction worker May 2. Thursday, police announced the charge against Arnold Moore of leaving the scene of an accident after he struck and killed Randy Keith Berry, 59, of Cullman along Interstate 459 near mile marker 11 around 3:30 am. Moore said Friday, he had no idea he had hit and killed someone until police questioned him last week. "It was the biggest shock of my life to think that a car I was driving had killed a fellow human being," said Moore. "There was nothing but darkness. So, to say I had hit and run? Who would I have run from?"The elderly man was on his way to work in Hoover on an early-morning routine he said he's kept for 12 years. He claimed something hit his windshield. Moore said he stopped but couldn't get out of his car due to damage. The driver said no one was around, so he drove into work. Around 4 a.m., police showed up, according to Moore. "I had finished my exercise program, and someone knocked on the door," he said. "There were six policeman standing at my door."Police questioned him, but he wasn't charged until this week. The charge is a Class C felony. "If you can make the case that somebody got on the interstate and intentionally tried to kill somebody, then I guess there would be a different charge," said Jefferson County Chief Assistant District Attorney Bill Veitch. "But, I don't know that that's the case."Berry is the father of two sons. Memorial services for him will be held Saturday at 11 am at Cullman Heritage Funeral Home Chapel.