84 / 59
      71 / 52
      78 / 56

      Early numbers on Bond votes has "Yes" leading 3 to 1

      With a little over half the precincts reporting, it appears that all six bond votes could potentially be approved with "Yes" votes coming in at a 3-to-1 advantage.

      If the $150 million dollar bond referendum vote passes, it could potentially provide funding for new roads, parks, recreation centers and other projects.{} But some have raised questions of the money being properly allocated.

      Six Bonds up for vote:

      1. Birmingham Bond (Solid Waste)
      2. Birmingham Bond (Park & Recreation)
      3. Birmingham Bond (Street & Sidewalk)
      4. Birmingham Bond (Industrial Park)
      5. Birmingham Bond (Building Facilities)
      6. Birmingham Bond (Sewer Issue)