East Birmingham mother of three pleading for help

Whitney Taggart never thought she and her three children would be in this predicament since moving to Birmingham. {}Taggart doesn't have a job. {}Her house suffered damage due to a fire earlier this month. Weeks after the flames, the electricity still doesn't work and there's no running water.{}

"There have been nights when I slept in my truck. I've parked outside this house. My kids fell asleep in this truck," said Taggart, 28.{}

A fire to her two bedroom house in East Birmingham was really the beginning of her problems. {}A lawnmower in the backyard caught fire. {}Flames quickly spread to the back of the house. Taggart nor her children were inside. She was actually in church when she received a text message with the news.{}

"It's hurtful. It's very hurtful because it's not just affecting me. It's affecting my kids," she said.{}

Some repairs have been made to the house but the smell of charred wood lingers. Taggart said the fumes alone have made her and her children ill.{}

"My kids are suffering right now with congestion and everything from us sleeping in the home," she explained.{}

Taggart plans to move all of her belongings out of the house within the next few days. What happens after that, she isn't sure. She hopes, however, someone will help her and her young children in their time of need.{}

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