Educators say furniture makes a difference in classroom productivity

School rooms used to be pretty stationary places. You came in and sat down at a desk and chair{} bolted to the floor. You certainly didn't see yoga balls or chairs that swivel. In some classrooms today that's a real possibility.

A well planned classroom makes a difference in a number of ways. Furniture isn't just for providing a flat surface to sit or write.

With a little innovation, classroom furniture can serve many purposes that are conducive to a learning environment.

Adaptation is the name of this game. The Node chair, for example, has wheels, built-in storage space, and curved seats. Qualities many educators say make for a better learning environment.

Educators across the country have challenged the traditional way of thinking. They're experimenting with furniture with foot rests, cushions, even standing desks.

In Pennsylvania, some schools have replaced stationary seats with inflatable yoga balls, which are used to improve balance, tighten the core muscles and allow students to fidget without being disruptive.

A representative from Steelnation, the makers of the Node chair, says students are changing and classrooms should adapt as well.