Eight homicides in Birmingham since Friday

In less than 24 hours, the number of homicides in Birmingham to date has increased by two. Since last Friday, there has been a total of eight people killed. "My sister called and said my nephew had been shot," said Patricia Wood. Wood's nephew became Birmingham's seventh homicide this week. Latrell Hines would have turned 24 years old this month. "He was a good person with a good heart," his aunt described. "He just had a hard time and did what he thought was right to survive in this world." Hines was sitting on the porch Wednesday night with his mom. They were playing on their phones. Woods says the shooters walked up to the porch. "When they came from around the side, her son got up and said, 'mama, move,'" recalled Woods. "And they started to the front door. When they started toward the front door, the guys started shooting. Her son opened up his arms like this because he was trying to protect his mom to keep her from getting shot." Hines was killed. The Birmingham Police Department believes the shooting, along with many others this week were targeted. Woods hopes it will be a wakeup call for the community. "I think that the neighborhood, those who know what happened, if they started speaking up and telling when they see people doing things they shouldn't be doing, that will help," said Woods. Several hours later just minutes down the road, the eighth homicide happened in the Magic City since Friday. This one was in the West End Manor neighborhood, where Jackie Taylor helps lead the neighborhood association. "If you were in the battlefield, if you were fighting a war, you expect you know I might have to take a life or my life might be taken," said Taylor. Taylor did not expect someone to die at the hands of another in her neighborhood. With her bible in hand, she wants the community to pray. "We can't control what happens," said Taylor. "Like I said, we pray about the neighborhood, and pray about the people in the community, and hope that things will be well. You know, you want to go to sleep and sleep well."