Electronic Publishing is good for readers


Are you doing more reading more on an Ipad or a tablet?

More people are reading on electronic devices. In fact recently we reported on the fact that people using tablet devices read a significant amount more than people who use traditional books.

The other plus for tablet readers is that books can cost very little... Quite often just a couple of dollars.

But on the other side of the coin.... Book stores and publishers are scrambling to keep up with the high tech age.

Because more readers are reaching for their tablets and downloading books instead of burning gas to go to a book store and buy a book.... Business people are looking to change how they are distributing the material.

New Hope Publishing is one business that is embracing the high tech outlets. In fact Publisher Andrea Mullins says to get the Christian message across the globe is much easier than having to ship books across the ocean. They are aggressively marketing their online options.