Eleven confirmed cases of Legionnaires' discovered in Lauderdale County

Healthofficials are investigating an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease centered at anorthwest Alabama nursing home.

Elevenlab confirmed cases have been seen in the Florence area. Another eightpneumonia illnesses are being investigated as possibly being Legionnaires'.

TheAlabama Department of Public Health released details of the investigationWednesday. Two people have been hospitalized.

Legionnaires'disease is a bacterial infection that can cause deadly pneumonia. It does notspread from person to person. Instead, people get it from inhaling contaminatedmist or vapor. Tainted shower water, air conditioning systems or whirlpool spasare among the ways bacteria get in the air.

Thesource of the current outbreak is not yet known, but at least eight of thecases have been living at a Florence nursing home.

The usual number of cases of Legionella in northwest Alabama is about four cases per year.