Elvis and faith

Elvis Presley is still the king to many people who loved him.

A new book called the "Genuine Elvis" is out and it is a treasure for those Elvis fans.

His cousin Edie hand wrote the book and released stories and pictures that have never been seen by the public before.

But the most important insight she shares with Brenda is that the life of Elvis was a matter of faith.

Edie Hand, Elvis' cousin says, "Faith was very important in our family... faith family and food was very important in our family was a big deal in Grace land.... grace was always spoken over our food whether it was on a front porch or a fine meal Elvis loved to sit down to a fine meal.

Edie Hand was just a child when Elvis reached great stardom... but she remembers Elvis kneeling to talk to his grandfather in a wheelchair..

Edie: "He kneeled down beside him Elvis was very humble guy and very funny he said she is gonna grow up and go to college."

Edie also recalls his generosity.

Edie: "I was 16 years old and I remember sitting in her room... grandma I'm gonna buy you a red wing chair when we get some money.... and that's what she had in her room."


Elvis had a spiritual side with his gospel singing... but she says many don't know he actually lived by faith.

Edie. the faith he had I remember when my brother was killed in an automobile accident 21 years.... 21 years old in college... Elvis said the things you look for after you lose someone... he said Edie you see that window over there I said yes sire he said I want you to think about your brother David how I think about momma she's just a window away... your brothers just a window away... if you'll always have faith you'll be reunited with them.

She says Elvis gained great wisdom from their grandmothers.

@Edie. "My grandmothers said life is like a road sometime you get in a mud hole. you get up shake it off. you have enough faith to get up for another ride."

{}Now some of that wisdom is passed on through her book the genuine Elvis.

Along with some never before seen pictures and stories.

The book the genuine Elvis is available on

Also... there's an Elvis remembered event with Michael dean and Memphis and the stamps quartet at the Princess Theatre in Decatur this Saturday at 2 and 8 PM.

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