Emanuel Ford loses BOE District Nine seat, plans legal action

Emanuel Ford (right) lost his Birmingham Board of Education District 5 seat to Sandra Brown Tuesday night. (

District{}nine has a new elected official on the Birmingham Board of Education.

Emanuel Ford lost his seat, Tuesday night, to Sandra Brown. Ford believes the state intervention lead to the downfall of the BOE. He also wonders why the city of Birmingham didn't step in and help the ailing system.

He says with recent cuts, he wonders how the school system will be able to remain functional.

"A lot of the cuts that have been made are very devastating," he said. "When you ride by a school and you see how high the grass is...only going to have two custodians in some of these's going to really be interesting and I would like to say to the new members of the Birmingham Board of Education 'Welcome to the real world'."

Ford says he plans to take legal action against State Superintendent, Dr. Tommy Bice and Ed Richardson, saying "I'll see them in court."