Emergency calls through the roof during peak of winter gridlock

No surprise here. Emergency calls to law enforcement agencies were up drastically during the peak of the winter gridlock. Several law enforcement agencies released statistics Wednesday.

Birmingham Police dispatched and worked a total of 189 accidents in a 21 hour period from 11:00am Tuesday to 8:00am Wednesday. BPD received 282 calls for service during that same time period.

One Birmingham dispatcher sent paramedics to the home of Darshay Jones, who was going into labor. On the way there, they were involved in an accident. The dispatcher stayed on the line and kept her calm until the medics arrived. The dispatcher then talked the medics through the birth of Jones' baby via the telephone.

In Hoover, police rescued more than 200 people stranded on I-65 and I-459 overnight. Several school buses swept the interstate looking for drivers. Around 600-800 people went to warming stations in the Hoover area.

In Chilton County, thousands of people were trapped on I65. 911 worked 97 collision calls and answered more than 200 emergency calls. That is close to a 60 percent increase over an average 24 hour period.