Brookwood Police officer suffers broken leg during confrontation with suspect

A member of the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office searches the side of the road near a Brookwood Police cruiser Tuesday night. (

ABC 33/40 has learned there is an emergency situation possibly involving a member of law enforcement in Brookwood.{}

We have received a number of calls from residents in the area that advised them to lock their doors.

We have a crew headed to the scene and we will provide updates as information is made available.


Capt. Loyd Baker with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office reports that a Brookwood Police officer sustained a broken leg during a confrontation with suspects in a traffic stop Tuesday night.

ABC 33/40's Isaiah Harper reports that the officer was some how run over after the encounter with some possible suspects he pulled over on Covered Bridge Road.

It's unclear what the nature of the stop was and whether the suspects got away. {}


The officer was transported to DCH and is listed in stable condition.