Energy Drinks Under Investigation

The makers of some popular energy drinks are under investigation.

New York's attorney general is looking whether three companies -- Monster Beverage, PepsiCo and Living Essentials -- are deceiving consumers in the marketing of the drinks.

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman is investigating whether{}the companies are disclosing how much caffeine is in their drinks and the drinks possible health risks.

The investigation includes Monster's beverage, AMP from PepsiCo, and 5-hour Energy drink from Living Essentials.

Schneiderman also aims to determine whether the companies violated federal law in promoting the beverages as dietary supplements rather than as foods, which are subject to tighter regulation.

Other concerns include whether all of the drinks' ingredients are properly disclosed on the{}labels.

The three companies declined to comment on the investigation.{} The American Beverage Association said that ingredients and labeling for energy drinks were regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and that caffeine levels from additives were fully disclosed.