Ensley shooting victim's mother pleads for witnesses to come forward

An unsolved murder has an Ensley family wondering what happened to their son. One year ago tonight, Donovan Seals was shot inside an SUV on 31st Street and Avenue P. Since then, there have been very few clues as to who is responsible for his murder. Tonight, his family and friends returned to the intersection where his body was found.The walk from her home - to the place her son was shot and killed is a short one. {}"Pain is still the same," Laura Seals, Donovan's mother said. "I thought it would get better with time, but no."With Donovan's daughter - her granddaughter - in hand, Laura Seals makes the painful journey to the street where her son died one year ago."I avoid it, I don't go there," She said.....And placed crosses on the spot where police found him."This hurts," Seals said. "It hurts so bad day in and day out.""The pain never moves on," Seals said. "You never forget what happened. That's why we're here today to remember his life and reflect on the type of person he was.""I feel let down, disappointed," she said. "Every day is a struggle knowing the young man is still out here, free and my son is gone."She says she knows who took his life, but police need someone to come forward saying they saw him near the vehicle."I call him my Momma's boy because he would never leave me," Seals said. "Now when I'm at home and everyone is gone, I'll be looking for him and he's not here."No arrests have been made in this case. If you have any information, contact Crime Stoppers at 254-7777. You can remain anonymous and your tip could lead to a cash reward.