'Entertainment [Street Drinking] District'?

{}{}{} Drinking on certain streets of Tuscaloosa may become reality.{}{} The city is considering declaring 'Entertainment Districts'.{}{} In them, the states open container laws are suspended.

{}{}{}{} You'd think most bar owners...especially on the Tuscaloosa Strip and Temerson Square in downtown would be thrilled, but some still have questions.

{}{}{}{}{}Some bars are worried about liability.{} For example, what would happen if one of their drinks was passed on to a minor outside of their establishment.

{}{}{}{}{}The city is forming a committee to study the idea.{} State law now allows cities like Tuscaloosa to form at-least two entertainment districts, a half-square mile each.

{}{}{} In those areas, open container laws are relaxed...meaning a person could carry drinks from inside to the outside sidewalks, etc.

{}{}{}{}Buffalo Phil's is all for it.{} "It could be an economic boost...being able to walk to and from the Amphitheater as you good finish with dinner you could take your wine or your beer," said General Manager Craig Williams.

{}{} The committee would develop rules to keep drinks from being passed to others in the district and to keep alcohol purchased outside the entertainment district from being brought inside.

{}{}{}City leaders hope to have those rules in place for city council to consider before the start of football season.