Etowah Co. continues storm cleanup

Slowly but surely power is coming back on to thousands in the state who have been without since Monday's storms.{}

Alabama Power is still waiting to hear back from some locations,

In the eastern part of the state, fewer than 25,000 customers are without power.

Bob Womack surveys the damage of his family's house near Glencoe. The Womack's will have to stay in a hotel while repairs are made.

"We've got water lines down, we've got power lines down inside the attic, it's about two thirds of the roof that's damaged, laying in the floor inside the house," says Womack. "It's so common here. Everybody is used to (storms) being here in the south. It's a common thing... But when you have to go to the motels and what not yourself. Then it hits home, it becomes real."Across Etowah County, it's easy to find signs of destruction from Monday's storms.{}

Downed trees and power lines clogged neighborhoods near the Gadsden Country Club. Jane Newman was in her house on Hollywood drive when the storms hit. A 90 foot tree came down on the side of the house, knocking a hole in a second story bedroom.

On Wednesday, crews worked to remove the tree. "Bricks were on the ground, the window was on the ground and there was a huge hole in the attic," says NewmanAs for the Womack's. They know it will take time to get back to normal. "They are already rebuilding in some places, but this... This will be a while," Womack says.