Etowah Sheriff's Office seizes a dozen gambling machines

Etowah County Sheriff's Office investigators and deputies seized twelve gambling devices from a{}VFW Post in Gadsden Sunday afternoon.

"A search warrant was obtained yesterday after an investigation uncovered the devices at the VFW Post 8600," said Sheriff Todd Entrekin.{}{}

The eSweeps device allows an individual player to put money onto an account for continual play.{} A receipt, with a pin number, would be printed. The player of the device would enter the pin number and the machine would load their account.{} When finished, the receipt would be returned to the employee on duty for monetary payout.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}

"Four years ago, this is exactly what we thought would happen.{} These illegal machines would start popping up in various locations," Sheriff Entrekin continued.{} "That is why we ask the county commission to create standards for electronic gambling devices in the county.{} To date, there has not been a machine to meet all the created standards."{}

Terri H. Smith, 57,{}was arrested and charged in connection to Sunday's seizure.{} He is charged with one count of possession of a gambling device and one count of promoting gambling.{} Smith is the{}manager of VFW Post 8600.

Additional charges are pending in this case.{}