Event feeds thousands in Birmingham

Thanksgiving came a couple days early for nearly five-thousand people in Birmingham. Daniel Cason Ministries put on it's annual *I Care Enough* event at Fair Park Arena."I think we as the human race have a responsibility to reach out to hurting, helpless people." Pastor Daniel Cason also wants to help the homeless and the hopeless. "People have needs and everybody can do something." And several church members did do something. They met thousands of needs at this years "I cared enough" event.Many families are so very thankful to receive groceries, clothes even toys for their children. Gabriel Agbali says "We've been going through a hard time. I'm kind of homeless right now and I'm still trying to get things for my sons and daughter and appreciate this event going on. It's a big blessing to me as well as others in my same predicament or worse."Food and fellowship under the same roof with free haircuts and medical care. Some people discovered they needed hospital care. Gwendolyn Jones says{} "A lot of people don't even know they have high blood sugar. A lot don't know they have high blood pressure."Big Smiles Alabama, a mobile dental provider, also did extractions and fillings for free. Cason says he'd like to extend this day of giving and end homelessness but everyone needs to be involved.

Cason says "We're all working together. Any ministry reaching out to hurting and helpless people, you need to have a part in it. Send a donation, you can send ten dollars. We can do more wIth it than you can do in the grocery store."Agbali says "Right now we need to get closer to the man upstairs bring us through all these hard times and at the same time look out for each other."Cason says every year the event gets bigger and bigger. People were lined up in front of Fair Park Arena before seven this morning, two hours before the doors opened.