Ex-Felon speaks out about ending crime in the Magic city

Demetrius Guyton (

Demetrius Guyton still carries the physical scars from the day that his biological mother tried to kill him. His mother poisoned him with hydrochloric acid and castor oil in his bottle of milk. The acid burned the left side of his face and shoulder. {}

"The very person that birthed me into this world, who was supposed to nurture me and protect me tried to kill me for an insurance policy," says Guyton.

His nose also collapsed leaving him with no choice but to breathe exclusively through his mouth, because he had no nasal passages. He underwent two years of surgeries and skin grafts; one year in Walker Regional Medical Center and another year in Children's Hospital in Birmingham. Immediately after released from the hospital, he was given to foster care until age 4, when his paternal grandmother was given custody. Shortly thereafter, anger and rebellion took over his life.

Guyton was involved in various assault and battery cases as a juvenile and later entered the Alabama penal system for first degree assault with a life sentence. Miraculously, he only served four years and was released.

Like mothers, Mayor William Bell, and Police Chief A.C. Roper, Guyton too wants to the crime in Birmingham to end. He says, "It's too many people going to the grave with power and potential and proclivity and purpose."

Guyton says, "We have to reduce ourselves to a place where we're humble enough to say look I've been there. I've done that, there's a better way."

Guyton has an autobiography due out soon called "The Chosen One:{} A Touch From Above."