Peace In The Streets: Group of ex-felons join together to end violence in Birmingham

Members of PITS (Peace In The Streets) shown at a rally against violence in Birmingham on Saturday, July 13, 2013. (

The continuing crime in and around Birmingham has a group of ex-felons fed up. So much so that they have formed a community organization named PITS, which stands for Peace In The Streets.{}

One member, Tommy Bailey, says the recent crime has taken an emotional toll on everyone and now has motivated PITS to attempt to end the violence.

"It hurts and we have a job to do and that's what we're doing." Bailey said.

The group's plan is to take back their community with rallies and by sharing their faith in God.

PITS member Tommy Bailey. (

"I believe in what we're doing, we're sowing seeds." Bailey said. "The word of God is here and if I can't change them by mentoring them myself, I believe the word of God in which we preach out here will help change."

Another ex-convict and current member of PITS, Earl Taylor, says the senseless killings of young people in the community has to stop.

"We're just tired of them killing our kids on these streets." Taylor said.

The organization plans to make its way not only around Birmingham, but around the entire state of Alabama, reaching out to various crime-wretched communities similar to the Magic City.{}

"We came back, to give back."