Excitement builds among Alabama fans in Miami

Monday can't get here soon enough for crimson tide fans. Alabama takes on Notre Dame for the BCS national championship at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Florida.

ABC 33/40 spoke with several fans over the phone over the past few days and many of them say they plan to come down Friday. But that doesn't mean there aren't crimson tide fans who call Miami home.

In fact, James Carroll, president of the Broward county alumni association says he's been planning this week ever since he found out the tide was in the championship.

"It was the night that Kansas and Oregon both lost that put us back at number two and that was really exciting because then we started getting phone calls and emails from all of our local alumni," said Carroll.

Carroll says he gets about 15 emails a day from people trying to find a way to get down to Miami and join the action.

I spoke with people who said they had this trip planned months in advance for fear of not finding a place to stay or a way to get down here.

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