Exclusive: Councilman threatened because of vote, he says


In an exclusive interview with ABC 33/40, Fairfield City Councilman James Reasor says three armed men barged into his barbershop Thursday threatening him and a customer.{}The councilman believes he was attacked out of political{}retaliation. Reasor did not vote for{}Elise Mclin, who was vying for a city council seat vacated by former Councilman Primus Mack.{}Mack was found guilty earlier this year of child enticement and second degree sexual abuse charges.{}"The threats that they laid out on my daughter and on my son and the rest of my family is very frightening, disturbing, appalling," said Reasor.{}Councilman Reasor said he filed a police report with the Fairfield police department. {}The department refused to release any information until Monday.{}We reached out to Elise Mclin regarding the matter. She told ABC 33/40's Larry Miller by phone that she was not aware of the incident and saddened by the report.{}Reasor plans to move forward and seek justice in the courtroom.{}Count on us for any updates when they become available.{}