Exclusive: Lack of maintenance may threaten use of some Birmingham City park pools


Children may have to find another place to swim this summer if some Birmingham City park pools aren't repaired and maintained.ABC 33/40 has learned the city's Park and Recreation Director Kevin Moore warned city leaders that some park pools are in such disrepair that closures could happen.{}Birmingham City Councilors William Parker and Kim Rafferty confirm the warning. Rafferty says they were told some pools' paint and concrete have cracked to the point of being a health hazard.Stanley Robinson, spokesperson for the Parks and Recreation Department, tells ABC 33/40 Moore warned councilors but on-site evaluations must be conducted before closures are made. Robinson adds the city's Public Works Department handles maintenance of city pools, and that's why there is no dedicated funding to pool maintenance in the Park's annual budget. {}At this time, he says, all park pools are expected to open by summer, with the exception of the pool at Maclin Park in Collegeville.Some city leaders agree there needs to be either more staff or funding dedicated to parks' maintenance. They are working now to compile departmental budgets for next year.Stay with ABC 33/40 for more on this developing story