Exclusive: Woman forgives teens accused of throwing brick from overpass

Melissa Jones almost lost her life when a brick crashed through the windshield of her vehicle

Melissa Jones nearly died when a brick crashed through the windshield of her vehicle on Interstate 20/59 in September.{}{} Jones was driving her three sons at the time. {}She remembers her 14-year-old son taking over the wheel. "If you don't lie still you're going to bleed to death in front of me," he said.{}The next thing she remembers is waking up at DCH Regional Medical Center. {}She was in the Intensive Care Unit.{} Her jaw and shoulders were broken.{} She remembers what the nurse told her, "Things will always be different for you. You will wake up every day in pain."

Shane Herren and Jordan Price were arrested in September and charged with assault. Both are teenagers. Investigators say they threw the brick from an overpass.{} A judge decided this week they will face trial.

Jones won't talk about the case, but she{}does talk about her faith. "I have forgiven them. I have not forgotten. I pray for them. I pray for their souls every day," Jones said.

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