Exercise and Cancer

It's hot and it's hard to get motivated to exercise..... but it's worth it.

Maybe you need a four legged friend to help encourage you to take a daily walk?

Most health experts agree some form of exercise helps people dealing with cancer and cancer treatments.

The main thing for me was it actually helped relieve some of the stress related to cancer.

Running or walking would clear my head and seemed to help some of the strong medicine get through my body faster.

While it's tempting to take it easy... experts agree some form of exercise can be helpful. Studies revealed people with advanced stage cancer who exercised seemed to live longer compared to their counterparts.

But it is hard to know how much is too much if you are battling cancer.

The American College of Sports Medicine recently released new guidelines.

They call for moderate to vigorous activity for about 2 and a half hours a week.

Fast paced walking counts.

But there is no right or wrong way to exercise... How cancer survivors exercise really depends on each individual.

Experts encourage people, don't push yourself. If you don't feel like it on a particular day, don't worry about it, see how you feel the next day.

The main thing exercise experts say to do is avoid "in-activity"