Experts: Communication key to healthy marriage

"There is no shady subject. Its either all or nothing, " said Danny Corbin when asked about tips on maintaining a successful marriage.{}His wife, Cindy Corbin, added, "There's different boundaries. {}There's debt you bring in when you get married, later in life or a second marriage. So, you have to be open with it. You can't have a subject matter that's too taboo to talk about. If you do, you're not going to make it."{}The Corbins' say those entering a marriage have to be grounded individuals before they can be a united couple. This is the second marriage for the Danny and his wife. {}Not only have they gained valuable experience but a difference perspective on life.{}"Some days you get up and it's a 50/50 relationship. Some days its a 90/10," said Corbin.{}Experts believe poverty might play a role in why divorce in Alabama is among the highest in the country. {}Researchers say when couples get married at a young age, they are less likely to attain a higher education. That in turn, limits their earning potential. {}If children are added to the equation, its a downward spiral toward poverty.{}As a Birmingham-based counselor, Rhonna Phillips has seen the impacts an early age marriage can have the longevity of a relationship.{}"Occasionally, we will see couples who are on pretty solid ground but they want to do personal growth and development. They want to enhance their marriage. But the majority of folks, wait until things are on a really bad footing," said Phillips.{}She explains the longer couples wait to get help the worse their relationship gets.{}{}{}"When the hearts start to turn cold and are kinda of in the ice range, its pretty difficult for a therapist to be able to work magic," said Phillips. {}