Experts: Measles not a problem in Alabama

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning the American public of an uptick in measles cases. {}According to the CDC, 18 states have reported cases including Alabama. Experts, however, say Alabamians shouldn't worry.{}"A lot of the cases could come down from families not vaccinating their young children," said Melissa Cooper, UAB Nurse Practitioner.The last reported case was 12 years ago with the exception of what happened in late March. A man with measles was treated in Mobile after coming into the port already infected. {}He was from the Philippines.{}Healthcare providers suggest people know the signs of possible infection.{}"It can start off looking like a common cold to where it could be like a cough, runny nose, fever. But the biggest single thing is this rash. It's a generalized reddened rash and that's what puts us on guard to be checking and watching out for measles," said Cooper.{}